In the US, Government grants for single mothers are a rescue for those mothers who are in a deep financial crisis. Mostly, they're sponsored by the United States Departments of Public Welfare and are meant for helping single mothers application forms. Single mothers have to manage their education (mostly), their kids schooling, medical housing grants and household expenses. This often compels them to take loans and borrow money. You may accept any for Apply grants or scholarships today!!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

How to Find Housing Grants For Single Moms-Free Money For Mothers

How to Find Housing Grants For Single Moms-Free Money For Mothers
Housing Grants are available for single moms through government and private grant funding. Grants are usually given to moms who show a financial need that could use help paying for housing but has means to payback low interest loans. Learn how to apply for housing grants for single moms.
1 Before contacting any agency to check for grants for single moms you must gather you proper paperwork. You will need your and your children's social security card, Birth certificate, and Drivers license if applicable. You will also need to provide proof of income, including information on any child support you should be or do receive.
2 First place to check if you qualify is The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). HUD offers counseling on buying or renting a home. Depending on her qualifications a single mom may be able to receive grant money to assist her in paying rent or a mortgage on a house or apartment.
3 To Find affordable housing, a single mom can contact their State Housing Finance Agency. They keep track of housing that are affordable to low income residents and depending on the state may help with housing costs. Most states also have government grant funded housing so they can offer low income families a safe, comfortable home in which to live.
4 Single Moms Can contact Habitat For Humanity if they are seeking assistance in building or buying a home. Habitat For Humanity in funded by government grants as well as private donations from individuals and foundations. They are set up to help low income families build homes by finding volunteers to help build and well as connecting them with low interest loans. Families who are physically able that receive funds must pledge a specific number of hours in volunteering to build their own home,
5 Single moms who just need a little extra to help them get into a suitable living situation can contact The Nehemiah Foundation. They give small grants to low income families who are buying a home. The grant can be up to 6% of their housing loan.

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