In the US, Government grants for single mothers are a rescue for those mothers who are in a deep financial crisis. Mostly, they're sponsored by the United States Departments of Public Welfare and are meant for helping single mothers application forms. Single mothers have to manage their education (mostly), their kids schooling, medical housing grants and household expenses. This often compels them to take loans and borrow money. You may accept any for Apply grants or scholarships today!!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Financial Assistance for Single Moms

Financial Assistance for Single Moms
Financial assistance for single mothers is possible through a variety of government initiatives and private financial aid programs. This post, we’ll take a look at some of the specific programs as well as a general introduction to financial assistance. I try to offer as much relevant and real information in this post as possible, considering most of the articles I’ve seen on this topic are absolute garbage and don’t provide any real help.
Ok, first off, the primary financial assistance programs available comes down to the following: grants, scholarships, loans, and government (welfare) programs. But this list is by no means comprehensive. This article will try and cover all the major financial help for single mother options, though by no means is the information all inclusive.
Grants for Single Mothers

This topic has quite a bit of misinformation written about it. Grants are considered need-based awards. This means they are given out to people or organizations with financial need. Now first off: most government grants are given out to organizations and not to individuals. Government grants for individuals, at least from the federal government, are unusual, the exception being school grants and business grants.

If you are looking for business grants (which you may, if you are trying to start a business as a single mother), you may want to visit the government business website. You can also view a list of some of the government grants here.
Government grants, as stated, are usually for businesses, organizations, or students. You may be able to find state grants that are given out as financial assistance.
A Quick Look at some website giveaway programs of interest
You can however find a wide range of private scholarships for individuals. These are given out by schools, non-profit organizations, and even businesses. You may find specific scholarships just for single moms in the private sector. One recommended program is the10k Scholarship for Working Adults. This is a free-to-sign up sweepstake giveaway offered by a website that gives out $10,000 each month to single moms, dads, or any working adult for school expenses. Considering that it only takes a couple minutes to fill out, it’s worth the time. There is even a similar program for dads, called the 10k Scholarship for Dads. And if you want one more such program, the 10k Scholarship Zone program is another. These are only three such scholarship programs you can find in the private sector.
There are some other “private” programs that you can sign up for to get some help. I recommend signing up for the free membership. Doing so will get you free baby stuff, printable grocery coupons, a parenting newsletter, helpful parenting articles and a chance of winning free diapers for a year. Worth signing up for that free stuff as there is no cost and every bit “helps” when you are struggling.
Another means of getting a chance at some “free stuff” is to fill out a quick survey for a website and get entered into a draw for some prize (you usually get some discount coupons too). If you have a bit of time, here are some “mom-related” giveaways you can take advantage of:
Fill out a simple survey and get entered into a $50k scholarship draw for school
Do You Have a CuteKid? Submit photo for a chance to win 25k if you’re kid is the cutest!
Complete a brief survey out for a chance to win a $3500 shopping spree
Fill out a survey and get a chance to win a $1500 gas card
Win a $3500 dollar nursery makeover for you baby by filling out a survey
Get a Free $250 Gift Card to your Favorite Baby Store
Get ready for school with $1,500 shopping spree — short survey

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